An Exciting Beginning

I have been living on campus for nearly two months now, and I can definitely say that my time at Holy Cross has been truly amazing thus far. I am extremely thankful to the faculty, staff, and students whose hard work has allowed for extensive on-campus experiences since the start of the academic year.

Because of this, my first semester at Holy Cross has been filled with exciting new opportunities that have rendered these past two months a very special time in my life. From fall orientation to academic advising, the community at Holy Cross has been there to welcome and help me every step of the way. I have just begun to experience some of the special and unique opportunities that this wonderful college has to offer.

Throughout the semester, I have encountered exceptional professors who are distinguished by their extraordinary knowledge and a genuine devotion to the academic world. In just two months, these professors have already had a profound impact on my experience at Holy Cross. 

 On campus, I have become involved with a range of extracurricular organizations that allow for community-building experiences as well as exploration into my various passions. This includes The Spire, which has been Holy Cross’ official student-run newspaper since 1925, the nationally competing Moot Court program, the foreign policy based Alexander Hamilton Society, as well as the Holy Cross chapter for College Democrats, which recently hosted Jermoh Kamara to discuss her candidacy for the Worcester School Committee. Overall, I have loved my experiences with these organizations and I am so excited for what lies ahead.

This first semester is already shaping up to be a wonderful experience full of amazing opportunities and I am so eager to continue sharing the beauty that this remarkable college has to offer.